Amana Distinction Air Conditioners

If you haven't yet explored what a quiet operation Air Conditioner is you seriously need to check on to Amana's Distinction Air Conditioners that come with so many distinctions for sure.

Think Green! - Purchase Green!

If you're concerned about saving the life of Mother Earth, you should be concerned about your purchase choices when it comes to home comfort heating and cooling appliances. Amana cares and it doesn't care only for you, it also cares for the well being of others and the planet we live on. There lies the first distinction. Amana Distinction Air Conditioners are free of chlorine refrigerants and are, therefore, ozone-friendly. When you enjoy cool air for yourself, you don't disrupt somebody else's peace. Relief!

Comfort with no discomfort

While the home comfort appliances are meant to provide us with comfort, there are appliances that add discomfort to the comfort they provide by making annoying operational noises. But there goes Amana Distinction with another distinction. No ingredient of discomfort is added to your comfort as the sound blanket in Amana Distinction Air Conditioners silences the operational noise before it could reach your ear. Isn't it a feature you had always longed for?

Advance engineering - advanced sensors

The sensors in Amana Distinction Air Conditioners are more advanced that you had ever had and more efficient than you had ever thought. The sensors of these units sense the outdoor temperature and geniously tune the inside temperature accordingly so as to not operate the unit at unnecessary speeds.
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