Toronto homeowners love Furnaces and this is evident from the massively increased sales of Furnaces in the recent years. Although Boiler and conventional Fireplace is still being used as methods of home heating, the one being used the most is Furnace. And there are convincing reasons why living in a climate like Canada, you should go for Furnace when it comes to the purchase of a home heating element. Let's talk about those reasons that make Furnaces the choice of a wise.

Why Furnace and nothing else?

- You love to save, don't you? Unfortunately, other methods of home heating don't really help in saving. Whether you're using a Gas Fireplace, an Electric Heater, an old model of a Boiler or a Heat Pump, none of these can be as efficient as a Furnace can be. The latest models of high-efficiency furnaces can help save up to 25% on energy bills

- Life is beautiful when we have choices and you never know when you'll be put into a situation of shifting circumstances. One of the benefits that the Residential Furnace offers is that it gives the choice to shift between fuels. You can run it with oil and you can run it on gas as well. So, there's no need to worry for appliance replacement if you're shifting to a place of gas inavailability or high oil charges. You can always switch between them as per the requirements. Savings and ease again!

- Furnaces are relatively less risky compared with space heaters and fireplaces

- No time for thorough, time-consuming maintenance? Buy Furnace, for it can easily be maintained and small fixes can be performed using DIY hacks. No need to spend on costly professional repairs every time

- Hate appliance's operational noise? The furnace is the best solution for you. It’s quieter than your quietest appliance

- No one has that time and budget to replace HVAC appliances every now and then. One of the reasons why Furnaces are the most favourite of so many people is their durability. The lifetime of a Furnace is roughly from 15-20 years and often times, it even exceeds that. Woohoo!

Common Types of Furnaces - What to buy?

Done with why you need Furnace for your home. Time to focus on what types of Furnaces are available and what could be the best match for your home in order to make it an ultimate comfort zone for Winters.

Single Stage Furnaces

Single Stage Furnaces are the cheapest ones now among the other Furnace types. That is because they offer an ON-OFF mechanism and due to this, the Furnace is either OFF or is turned ON at the highest possible speed. If you're low on budget and are looking for a limited use, you can purchase a Single Stage Furnace but keep in mind that such models bring home fatty energy bills if used constantly or for long periods

Two Stage Furnace

Two Stage Furnaces are relatively energy efficient and are capable of operating at two different speeds. A Two Stage Furnace usually operates at 65% of its actual capacity. As the weather changes and becomes colder, the Furnace then operates at the highest possible speed. These Furnaces are costlier compared with Single Stage Furnace but are cheaper compared with Variable Speed Furnace and also help save on energy bills. So this can be the best for you if the climate of your area doesn't go to extremes.

Variable Speed Furnaces

The most energy efficient but also the most expensive are the Variable Speed Furnaces. These Furnace models are capable of operating at multiple different speeds according to the outside weather. The variable speed operation helps save on energy bills massively. If you're good with budget, purchasing a variable speed Furnace would be one of the wisest investments you'll make

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