Isn't it cool that the installation of such a small device like Thermostat takes away from you all the worries of controlling and tuning your HVAC system? There was once a time we were introduced to the remote control technology for HVAC appliances but now, even the remote control is an old story. The new story is the Smart Control. O yeah, the Smart Control. With the latest thermostat technology, it is now possible to control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world, set multiple schedules, get notifications on a smartphone, collect appliance usage data and most importantly savings of up to 15% on energy bills. All this has never been possible before and we never know what other wonders would the technological advancements show us through Thermostats. If you're on a hunt to purchase a Thermostat, we have an important point to share with you before you go for a purchase.

Would any Thermostat fit perfect with my system?

Here's a common misunderstanding. Homeowners believe that any Thermostat will fit perfect with their system so as soon as they get fascinated by the latest technology, they rush and purchase it without discovering whether or not it is compatible with their system. The truth is; not all Thermostats fit with all systems. A majority of the latest Thermostat technologies are totally unfit for old HVAC systems and therefore, purchasing them is synonymous to purchasing something that won't benefit you. (Hey! Gift it to your neighbour on his birthday ;))

Why purchase from Cosmopolitan Heating Hamilton?

You should have a reason if you choose to purchase from a particular retailer and not from the other. If you're going to put your trust in us, we would like to present to you the reasons so that you know your choice was worth it;
- We sell quality brands. Only best and never the second best
- We have professionals to install your device and help you understand the usage
- We help you choose between what would work best for you
- We are keeping our rates affordable and service packages versatile
- We offer FREE installation (occasional and seasonal)
and most importantly
- We love to make happy customers since we believe a happy customer is worth a hundred advertisements

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