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We have been serving in the GTA for over a decade and have successfully made hundreds of homes and homeowners happy. We take pride in offering word class HVAC services that are both professional and certified. Our aim is to make sure you get only the best and for that we not only sell appliances, we also service them. Check out our services details below;

Unrivalled Installation & Maintenance Services

A right installation after a right purchase is the step that ensures your appliance shall last longer. And to make all things right for you, we are here! Cosmopolitan Heating Service, Hamilton offers installation services for all sorts of home comfort heating & cooling appliances that include Residential Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, Air Cleaners, Thermostats, Humidifiers and others. Not only do we ensure excellence in Installation, we also make possible for homeowners to have their HVAC appliances maintained professionally at reasonable rates. Our Air Conditioner and Furnace services, in particular, come with a Protection Plans that help save dollars on services like maintenance and tune-up. Professional installation and professional maintenance is synonymous with? A long-lasting appliance and savings! Yuhu

Excellent Repair & Replacement Service

Repair time does come whether your appliance is a quality brand or just another brand in the market. And when that time comes, it is also your time; to make a wise decision; the decision of choosing only a reliable service that will deliver and will not make any betrayal in terms of leaving loopholes while repairing; what many repair services do. Have the appliance serviced by professional people and if you fail to find one in your vicinity, find one at Cosmopolitan Heating Services, Hamilton. We are as equally expert at repairing, replacing and relocating appliances as we are at installing and maintaining them. With years of services, certified techs and professional staff, we are always ready to serve for all things HVAC.

Other HVAC and HVAC related services

In addition to offering the above-mentioned services, we also offer the following HVAC solutions;
- Duct Installation & Duct Cleaning
- Gas pipeline installation & repair
- Appliance Relocation
- Appliance diagnosis and tune-up
- Gas Fireplace Installation
- Fuel Conversion
Compact HVAC solutions here at Cosmopolitan Heating Services, Hamilton!

24/7 Customer Care Support

Call us in the day or call us in the night, we are always here to say "Hello! How we may help?". Connect with our customer care representative for queries, complaints, quotes and consultation anytime at 1-855-245-4328

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