Lennox Furnaces

More than 80% of homeowners in Toronto use Furnace for the purpose of home heating. The same is true for entire Canada. People prefer Furnace over the conventional fireplace, space heater and boiler. This has increased the demand of residential Furnaces and more companies have come forth to meet the growing home heating needs by providing residential furnaces. But where there are so many choices, there's so much confusion. A common homeowner cannot decide what to choose and what would work best for his house. The simple solution to such confusions is to look for the company that is the oldest and that is meeting the most sales. Oldest would ensure that the company has been through enough to manufacture only an extreme quality products now and high sales would ensure that the company really is producing what is being liked by the homeowners. Following this test stone, Lennox is a brand that meets both these conditions. It is among the oldest Furnace manufacturing companies serving since 1895 and is also among the most purchased brands. Every other home in Toronto has in its basement a Furnace installed which has a tag of ''Lennox'' on it. Lennox sells quality and that too at affordable rates. Never doubt that! Dave Lennox has so far come up with these Furnace series;
- Dave Lennox Signature Collection
- Elite Series
- Merit Series

And there's more. Would you like to know what else does Lennox has to offer? Connect with one of our customer care representatives. Call at: 1-855-245-4328

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