Rheem Furnaces

How efficient is your Furnace? Does it offer 80% AFUE? Or 90%? Or 95%? And you think you have the most energy efficient model, right? Ummm sorry to inform you with this but yours isn't the most efficient. It really isn’t’. Rheem has to offer you with Furnace models that are capable of up to 97% AFUE. If you've no idea what that really means, know it! 97% AFUE means that there will be almost no loss of energy during the operation and nearly all the energy i.e 97% will be turned into output i.e heating your home. No energy loss means better heating efficiency and lowers heating bills. Offering single, two-stage and variable speed ECM and PSC motor units, Rheem has launched the following Furnace Series so far;
- Rheem Classic Series
- Rheem Prestige Series

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