Lennox Thermostats

Whether you are looking for a simple touchscreen Digital Thermostat or the latest UI smart screen WIFI Thermostat, Lennox is ready to say yes to all of your HVAC needs no matter how versatile they are. Let's explore some of its Thermostat Series.

Lennox Comfort Series Thermostats

- A large easy-to-use touchscreen.
- Adjustable screen brightness
- Real-time clock
- Amazing change & check reminders for battery/filter replacement
- Uncomplicated customization
- Up to 7 days programming. Four different time periods per day
- Hold option to pause the schedule for days/weeks
and of course
- An affordable price tag
We haven't yet stopped. Yet to introduce you to other Lennox series

Lennox iHarmony Series

- It offers up to 4 zone programming
- Saves energy costs by cutting the supply of heating/cooling to unused rooms
- Different scheduling options for different zones
- 5 years of warranty on all covered parts

iComfort Smart Thermostat

- iComfort takes away your worries of sudden temperature changes when you're away. Controls the temperature of your home using smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop from anywhere in the world with an iComfort Smart Thermostat installed
- iComfort Smart Away uses GPS technologies to locate you and adjust your home's temperature at your arrival and departure even when you forget to do so
- Temporary and vacation hold option to set an energy saving temperature with one touch
- Software gets automatic updates
- 7 HD Screen and a light sensor that automatically sets the brightness
- Remote Troubleshooting that saves retailers visits to your home and allows distant ''fix it'' possible
- Allergens detectors that detect pollen level and automatically set the system to take measures accordingly
- Comfort IQ that detects temperature as well as humidity and maintains a desirable moisture only
and there's yet more to the Lennox Series. Check all of Lennox Thermostat Series below;

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