Lennox Thermostats

Model : iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat

Brand : Lennox
Product Description : Your schedule may change. The weather may change. Even the air quality in your neighborhood may change. But the iComfort S30 adapts to deliver the ultimate in comfort, energy savings and peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

- Wi-Fi capability allows you to adjust temperature from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to save you from the costs of sudden changes in plans or weather.
- Smart Away Mode uses the GPS locator on your mobile phones to detect when you come and go, adjusting temperatures accordingly to save energy
- Schedule IQ Technology combines with Smart Away Mode to optimize smart energy use based on your family's routine, including wake and sleep times
- Temporary and vacation hold settings allow you to set a constant energy-savings temperature at the touch of a button

Home Comfort

- Feels Like Temperature is similar to the "Feels Like" temperature in a weather report in that it takes into account temperature and humidity to make your home feel exactly like you want it
- Perfect Templets you set your ideal temperature, and the system automatically adjusts heating and cooling to maintain that setting. Like the Climate Control setting in cars, you only need to set one temperature, and the system does the rest
- Precise Comfort Plus holds your home's temperature to within 0.5 degree or less*

Reliable Performance

- Automatic Updates means the iComfort S30 always has the latest software and functionality
- Seven Day Weather Forecasts and air quality conditions are offered for your local area, so you always know what's happening outside
- Beautiful 7" HD Color Touchscreen with light sensor automatically adjusts brightness
- Animated Screen Savers are designed with graphics that match outdoor weather conditions
- Advanced Warnings provide truly proactive system diagnostics that can predict potential problems, and alert you and your dealer to minor problems before they become major issues
- Remote Monitoring allows dealers to analyze your system from anywhere via their computer or mobile device
- Remote Troubleshooting makes it possible for dealers to adjust system parameters to fix problems, without ever making a trip to your home


- Allergen Defender monitors the air quality and pollen levels of your local zip code and automatically turns the fan on to clean your home's air when outdoor levels are high
- Climate IQ Technology monitors humidity levels and removes excess moisture that can cause mold growth, creating healthier, more comfortable air


- Remote Control-lets you adjust the temperature and control energy costs from anywhere using a mobile device

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