Carrier Air Conditioners

Any guesses where did Air Conditioning start? Well, it had started in America when Willis Carrier engineered the first ever air conditioning unit which was used at a printing press. Carrier, the company is named after Willis Carrier so if you're using a Carrier unit or planning to have one, congratulations! you're choosing the company of the inventor. And you can, of course, imagine what level of quality can a founder company offer. There are numerous specialities that make Carrier Air Conditioners an exception. Let us have a look at some of those specialities:

Carrier Central Air Conditioners - Features

* Unlike other brands, Carrier doesn't offer an air conditioning unit that is easily affected by environmental conditions, it, in fact, makes its units extremely weather resistant
* By far, Carrier is offering one of the highest efficiency ratings; it has already reached 16 SEER for most of its models and would go even further
* All of Carrier Central Air Conditioner models are Energy Star qualified
* Carrier promises durability, reliability and flexibility
* When it comes to sizes and designs, Carrier has one of the widest range to offer
* To meet different needs, Carrier has launched three different categories of Central Air Conditioners with different specifications that are;
- Comfort Series
- Infinity Series
- Performance Series

There's more that you can get to know about Carrier Air Conditioners and why they should be your priority. Know more by connecting with one of our customer care representatives; 1-855-245-4328

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