Duct Cleaning

Why Duct Cleaning?

Alright folks, before somebody advertises the Duct Cleaning packages before you, you have the right to ask, why is Duct Cleaning important in the first place? Central heating and cooling system is quite old but it is only recently that we have started to observe the extraordinary emphasize on Duct Cleaning. Weren't duct dirty earlier? Why we never did it before and should go for it now? Why why why? Well, interestingly, it is even today that some people believe Duct Cleaning is a total hoax. And since the duct filters trap the contaminant i.e dust, debris, air pollutants etc, there's absolutely no need to open ducts and have them thoroughly cleaned. That's the practice a lot of people still practice, i.e of leaving those piles and piles of dust and debris there in the ductwork and still be at peace (Huh! How come?). But the question is, is it practically possible that the dust of the ducts never actually comes out as it gets trapped by the filters? Is it practical that the Filters could filter 100% contaminants? Is it practical to believe that all homeowners are using such efficient Filters, in case they are or will ever be present? No, No and No!

Does duct dust come out?

The dust and debris from the Ductwork do come out, be it at the time of changing of Filters, in case of duct leaks or most importantly in case of filter inefficiency. By now, no such duct filter have been introduced in the market that is 100% efficient and even the ones that are somewhat close to very efficient are expensive enough so as not to come within the reach and range of common public easily. So what they use as a Filter is actually an affectionate barrier that lets pass so much of dirt and other air pollutants.

Do - Do not do!

All of this suggests that duct dust needs to be cleaned after a span of certain months (preferably 6 months) in order to make sure the ghost of dust and debris doesn't find a way out of the ductwork. In case you don't know what happens when the inside of the ductwork comes out, here's a quick piece of information for you; According to the latest researches, dirty ducts are responsible for causing general breathing unease, skin irritation, allergies, sinus and respiratory tract problems. And of course, all these problems can go worse for some people depending on the sensitivity and severity of the disease for them. Keeping the ductwork full with filth is synonymous to put your health and your indoor environment at stake. Last but not the least, shouldn't all things that get dirty need to be cleaned? Why this biasness with Ductwork then? :/

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