Carrier Humidifiers

Carrier loves to bring versatility and range to all of its appliances and it does the same with its Humidifiers. Here is what is special about Carrier Humidifiers:
- Carrier Humidifiers can be installed directly with wall, with the Residential Furnace or with the duct system
- Easy to replace and refill Humidifier pan
- Quiet operation with least operational noise is what makes Carrier Humidifiers among favourite Humidifier brands
- Carrier units allow three configurations; upflow, downflow and horizontal
- Aluminium coated water panel reduces possibilities of rust and damage
- Carrier's high-efficiency fan saves on electricity
- Equal distribution of moisture
- 10 years of part warranty is offered on all Carrier Humidifier models

Despite offering so much, Carrier keeps its appliances prices affordable which means, quality and reliability with affordability.

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