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Isn't it true that we human spend a large part of our lives in delusions, confusions and practices followed by misinformation? Although being the creatures of the second millennium, we are supposed to have least misinformations, we, contrarily have more than expected. Talking in particular about the air pollution, what was the last time you had heard that the outdoor air is harmful to you more than the indoor air? It was a misinformation as well by the way. Now ask, how? Well, a common man spends more than 80% of his lifetime in the indoors. And while the outdoor environment is open where the pollutants easily spread all over becoming less in consistency, the indoor environment is closely packed where the pollutants that come from outside or are born from inside activities find it harder to evacuate until and unless some efficient practices are followed. So while you're in the indoors you're breathing more of 'pure' impurities than you think you breathe in the outdoors.

What causes indoor air pollution?

The common sources of indoor air pollution are;
- Smoking
- Cooking
- Fireplace, Heaters, Chimneys
- VOC's
- Lead
- Carbon Monoxide
- Biological Pollutants (pet dander, pollen, viruses etc)
and others

So once these air contaminants are produced in the indoors, how do you think they can be combated? If you think turning an exhaust fan would suffice, you're wrong. Exhaust fans are not built with that mechanism & efficiency so as to evacuate all types of impurities. Sure they do a good job at sucking smoke out of the indoors and some other air pollutants too, they aren't a ''one unit suffices for all'' type of appliance. So what then to do? How to make sure your own home isn't becoming the primary reason to push you to a doctor's clinic? Well, we have got a solution to suggest.

Air Cleaners - Freshest air you'd ever imagined

Thanks, thanks, thanks to the technology for bringing us all these advancements that have made life so easy. Think of all the air pollutants you could think of and now think of a high-efficiency Air Cleaner. Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Everything's gone and your home is now having fresh and healthy indoor air folks! We discovered that magic wand. Oops sorry, technology did it.

Although Air Cleaners aren't the latest technology to be introduced with this much enthusiasm, there's, however, something new about what we are talking. We are talking about the latest Air Cleaner models that are breaking the grounds by offering up to 98.9% cleaner air. In addition to that, these Air Cleaners aren't just good at trapping particulate pollutants, they are efficient at combating almost all types of air pollutants, literally all types, for example, odours and bacterias. Really!

Why install Air Cleaner? Is it worth it?

It is absolutely worth it. The foremost reason to go for installation is your health. You can certainly not remain healthy for long have you keep on breathing air that's totally unreliable. But there's more to that. Installing Air Cleaners benefits your HVAC system as equally as it benefits you. Studies show that 9/10 HVAC appliance breakdowns are caused because of dirt and debris. Installing a proper Air Cleaning unit that is meant to trap all sorts of air contaminants, you can choose to give your HVAC system an easy time to focus on heating and cooling you efficiently and not waste its energies at clapping and trapping pollutants. A healthy indoor air would save you those dollars that you would otherwise have to spend on visiting physicians and of course would save you those dollars too that you'd otherwise have to spend on repairs and replacements of HVAC units. Worth it worth it! So many reasons to install an Air Cleaner today at your home. It's your turn to make your decision.

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