Lennox Thermostats

Model : ComfortSense 7000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat

Brand : Lennox
Product Description : The ComfortSense 7000 thermostat puts you in touch with ideal temperature control, day and night. A large touchscreen with flexible programming options allows you to easily create a schedule that makes sense for your lifestyle and saves energy.

Energy Efficiency

- Dual-fuel capability increases the efficiency of dual-fuel heating systems by automatically alternating between gas and electric operation
- Conserve energy adjust programming while on vacation or sleeping
- Automatic changeover decides between heating and cooling operation, depending on indoor temperature

Home Comfort

- 7-day or 5-day/2 day programming allows you to customize a temperature schedule for every day of the week, with up to four time periods per day
- Humidity and temperature controls allow you to adjust humidity and temperature settings independently according to your specific needs
- Designed to work with the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system
- Temporary temperature change allows you to pause the schedule for just a few hours or a few days, and to set the exact date and time you want to resume the schedule
- Easily integrated works with any central heating and cooling system
- Compatible with zoning systems optimal comfort in every room

Reliable Performance

- Automatic System Set Up reduces installation and its set-up time.*
- Automatic Self-Testing to guarantee perfect installation every time.*
- Detailed Diagnostics Report to tell you exactly what's going on.*
- Maintain constant communication with Lennox premim equipment for a higher level of comfort control and system performance.
- Optimizes performance when installed with a premium Lennox system.
- Quality you can trust with reliable, time-tested components.

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