Bradford White Tankless Water Heater

Model : Extra Recovery Atmospheric Vent Models

Brand : Bradford White
Product Description : These tankless water heaters are available in a variety of configurations and output levels. They supply hot water wherever and whenever you need it. Some may be mounted at the point of use while others may be "whole-home" models. They provide continuous, unlimited hot water for both residential and commercial applications

Bradford White ICON System Features

- Enhanced Performance
- Advanced Temperature Control System
- Intelligent Diagnostics
- Pilot On Indication
- Green LED
- Separate Immersed Thermowell

Standard Features

- Pedestal base
- Factory installed Hydrojet 2 Total Performance System
- Vitraglas lining
- 1/4" NPT side connections
- 2" Non-CFC foam insulation
- 1" NPT factory installed dielectric waterway fittings
- Protective magnesium anode rod
- 4" "Snap Lock" draft diverter
- T&P relief valve installed
- Brass drain valve

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