GSW Tankless Water Heater

Model : GSWT 540H DV Tankless Water Heater

Brand : GSW
Product Description : GSW powered by Takagi offers tankless products to match the needs of today's average household. State-of-the-art residential tankless water heaters, including a condensing model, are all ENERGY STAR qualified and provide an Energy Factor (EF) up to 0.95. GSW powered by Takagi is your solution for endless hot water.

Standard Features

- Condensing technology
- Unprecedented 0.95 Energy Factor
- Durable Heat Exchanger: Uses HRS35 copper f or primary heat exchanger and Stainless Steel #316L for secondary heat exchanger
- Approved with ULC s636 P VC or CPVC or polypropylene venting in addition to Cat. IV Stainless Steel
- Vent with 3" (up to 70 feet) or 4" (up to 100 feet)
- 0"Clearance to combustibles
- Integrated control and diagnostics
- Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Sensor
- Factory-installed power cord
- Dual internal freeze-protection system
- High altitude installations (up to 10,000 ft.)

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