Slantfin Boiler

Model : Lynx Combi Water Boiler

Brand : Slantfin
Product Description : Lynx-Combi. The newest generation of Lynx boiler features the combi-boiler that provides heat and domestic hot water neatly packaged in one cabinet! The Lynx Modulating Condensing Gas boiler is compact, powerful and agile. The amount of hot water that is produced is largely dependent on the BTUH output of the boiler, the desired flow rate and the temperature on the incoming cold water. You will be proud to offer the Lynx to your customers looking for a high efficiency, advanced technology, long lasting boiler.

- Advanced design long life cast aluminum heat exchanger>
- 4:1 modulation
- All boilers ready for Floor standing or wall mount
- Natural or L-P. gas
- PVC/CPVC vent pip up to 100 ft. equivalent length
- All connections on top
- Easy access terminal strip for wiring
- Quiet operation
- Low NOx friendly to the environment
- Ideal for radiant, baseboard, DHW or mixed applications
- Brazed plate heat exchanger mounted neatly in boiler cabinet
- 15 Year Limited Warranty with 5 year. parts and labor warranty

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