Viessmann Boiler

Model : CombiPLUS Kit Water Boiler

Brand : Viessmann
Product Description : Optional, on-demand domestic hot water kit for reliable DHW without a tank.
With the new CombiPLUS Kit add on-demand domestic hot water (DHW) to your new Vitodens 100 space heating boiler and say goodbye to your DHW tank. Slightly bigger than a large shoe box, the CombiPLUS Kit installs underneath or beside the boiler and requires only minimal piping and electrical connections.
Featuring stainless steel heat exchanger, pressure bypass valve, DHW temperature and flow sensors, 3-speed pump, 3-way diverting valve, and Low Lead Content Certification*, the CombiPLUS Kit provides nothing but reliable, high-quality DHW day after day.

The Benefits at a Glance

- All the benefits of a Vitodens 100 boiler, plus on-demand domestic hot water (DHW) with CombiPLUS Kit.
- DHW at the snap of your fingers all day long! Up to 3.6 GPM. **
- Energy-efficient and low-cost due to on-demand indirect-fired DHW production.
- Reduced energy waste with fully-modulating input from boiler.
- Space-saving and lightweight wall-mount design. More compact than any other hot water heater.
- Virtually silent DHW production.
- Easy installation with all piping and electrical connections included.
- Quality you can count on! Stainless steel heat exchanger, built-in pressure bypass and 150 psig working pressure rating.
- Reliable and even DHW supply with built-in DHW temperature and flow sensors.
- Complete space / DHW heating management by boiler control, powerful built-in 3-speed pump and diverting valve.
- Great fit for apartments, condos, cottages, single-family homes, or installs where space is at a premium.

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